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Download Theatre of Sorrows Switch NSP Free Online

When a dark cult abducts his sibling, there’s nothing else Killian can do but to comply with their demands. In order to save his sister he travels to the mysterious island of Esha – a place forgotten by even gods themselves, where the unspeakable ritual is about to take place. Join Killian and Eileen in a deadly journey through Esha and dive into dark secrets of its inhabitants; try to navigate your way through the unknown territory with only a handful of hints that might lead you to a dangerous discovery about things that should have probably been consigned to oblivion… Because there’s something dark and unspeakable, hidden in Esha’s stormy waves.

Release Year: January 06, 2022
Genre: Adventure, Role-Playing
Developer: MobilWay
Publisher: Ultimate Games
Format: NSP
ID= 010055B016A38000
Language: English
Required firmware: 13.1.0
Size: 798.4MB

Download Theatre of Sorrows Switch NSP Free Online


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