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Download Shining Force III Saturn ISO Free Online

Download Shining Force III Saturn ISO

Shining Force III is a Tactical RPG video game published by SEGA released on 1998 for the SEGA Saturn.
You play as Synbios, son of Conrad, one of the founders of the republican state, and you have just arrived in Saraband, the neutral city where negotiations with the Empire will take place. Indeed, after a ten-year conflict, the two parties decided by mutual agreement to meet in an attempt to establish a lasting peace. It is in this context that you and your companions (three at the start: Dantares the centaur, Masqurin the magician and Grace the priestess) assist in the preparations. But as you wander innocently around the city, you come across Republican Council Chairman Benetram kidnapping Emperor Domaric. Unable to believe what you have seen, you decide to return to headquarters, only to discover with amazement that Benetram is still there and therefore has not left it. It seems that the mysterious sect of Bulzome is here at work to derail the negotiations, and is ready for any stratagems to achieve its ends. Having no time to reason with the enraged Imperial camp, you must bring Benetram to safety. This will be the start of a long quest, during which it will appear that the sect is preparing the return of Bulzome – the evil god -, with the help of Vandals (demonic creatures). It should be noted that the basis of the scenario takes root in the previous Shining on Saturn: Shining The Holy Ark. Strangely, this script predecessor is not a Tactical but a pure Classical, the only one in the saga so far. To understand everything, I advise you to do it before (in addition he tears his mother). It introduces, not only, the hero of the SF3 trilogy, but also the world and the Vandals.

Download Shining Force III Saturn ISO Free Online

Game Name:Shining Force III
Game Release:1998
Image Format:BIN/CUE



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