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Download Pokemon Black Version DS rom Free Online

Download Pokemon Black Version DS rom

Pokemon Black Version is a RPG video game published by Nintendo released on March 6, 2011 for the Nintendo DS.
Here the adventure begins in Renouet, a small hamlet of Unys, where the Main Character, female or male and now with a more adolescent profile, will receive their first Pokémon while respecting the usual plant / fire / water trinity. Pokémon received at the same time as the Pokédex from the hands of the sly professor Keteleeria, the first female character to occupy this rank in the games, putting suddenly in the closet the usual crumbling old men; and once this choice has been made, it is the hero’s two friends, Bianca and Tcheren, who recover the other two (thus breaking the chain of misfortune) and who consequently become the two new rivals. About ten minutes for the introduction, a kiss from mom, and let’s go for the adventure! Just as quickly the protagonist is confronted with Team Plasma, the new noises-seeking organization gathered around its 7 wise men and especially its mysterious king, whose goal is clearly admitted: to free all the Pokémons from their trainers even if it means using force. , and fulfill an ancient prophecy involving the two legendary dragons, Zekrom and Reshiram. An entire program. And guess who’s going to have to thwart it all?

Download Pokemon Black Version DS rom Free Online

Game Name:Pokemon Black Version
Game Release:2011-03-06
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Germany, Italy
Image Format:.nds


Pokemon_-Edicion_Negra(Spain)_(NDSi_Enhanced).zip Onedrive106mb
Pokemon_-Version_Noire(France)_(NDSi_Enhanced).zip Onedrive106mb

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