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Download Oxenfree Switch NSP XCI + UPDATE Free Online

Oxenfree is a mystical thriller about a group of friends who accidentally open a rift in a ghostly world. Play as Alex, the resourceful rebellious teenager, who with her half-brother Jonas goes to a night party on an old military island. The party turns into a nightmare when you accidentally open the ghostly gates created in the dark past of this island. You decide how to deal with what is happening, how to behave with friends and creepy creatures that you released. You identify every turn of Alex’s story, exploring Edwards Island, discovering his dark past and changing the fates of his friends. In Oxenfree, you can play on the touch screen or with the help of a controller, switching between modes on the go. The newest HD vibration feature creates the brightest impression of Oxenfree. Thanks to the intellectual system of dialogues, the plot and your relationship with other characters change with each decision made. The unique mechanics of the radio allows Alex to communicate with the mysterious spirits and control the world around her. You have to solve many secrets, dormant for generations.

Year of release: 2017, October
Genre: Adventure
Developer and Publisher: Night School
Format: NSP/XCI
Game Version: 2.3.6
Language: English
Require FW: 6.2
Size: 2GB

Download Oxenfree Switch NSP XCI + UPDATE Free Online


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