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Download Fire Emblem Path of Radiance GC ISO Free Online

Download Fire Emblem Path of Radiance GC ISO

Everything was going well until this day. Ike, orphan of his mother, shares the existence of his father, in charge of the company of the “Greil Mercenaries”. Still inexperienced, he learned every day from mercenaries with a view to one day taking over. Always neutral, the company decides to take a stand when Daien’s terrible army invades the capital of their country by massacring the royal family. Unfortunately Ike will have to take this succession much sooner than he thought in the turmoil. The past catches up with his father whose life ends in a clash with a mysterious dark knight. Here is Ike alone at the head of the company, having to earn the respect of skeptical mercenaries and thwart the ambushes set by Daien’s army eager to get their hands on the princess of the kingdom. Of course, the young man has only one idea in mind from then on, to find the murderer and defeat him. A vast program, which a very thorough scenario and subtly chosen dialogues perfectly support.

Download Fire Emblem Path of Radiance GC ISO Free Online

Game Name:Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
Game Release:2015-10-17
Languages:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Image Format:ISO



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