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Download Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GC ISO Free Online

Download Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GC ISO

Miasma is a thick fog that has invaded our world for a long time. No one knows how he got there, but we all know his touch is fatal, to all living creatures. Our only chance to repel this evil mist is in the crystals. Crystals protect our villages and repel Miasma, but they lose their power over time. Thus, each year we must regenerate them with a sacred water, Myrrh. Myrrh is given to us by the Myrrh Tree. This tree is in the same Miasma, and fetching this water is not given to everyone. A tree gives one drop of Myrrh per year. This is why, every year all the villages of our world send a caravan led by our most daring adventurers to fetch the water of life. Crisscrossing our world, it will ensure the survival of our cities, so as not to end up like the village of Tida. In order not to forget the courage of these adventurers and to honor their memory, we recount their journeys in a book, the Chroniques of Cristal.

Download Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles GC ISO Free Online

Game Name:Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Game Release:03/11/2004
Languages:English, French, Germany, Italy, Spanish
Image Format:ISO



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