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Download Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Dec / NKit Free Online

Download Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Dec / NKit

more than a few thousand meters from the ground aboard a flying vessel, the first sergeant L’Arc Bright Lagoon, mercenary in the pay of the Meridian Empire of the world of Fulheim, as well as his brothers in arms soldiers, fight against a threat from the sky: the Feldragons. While our officer succeeds in causing one of his enemies to succumb under his blade, he accidentally falls from the ship to finish his fall in the trees of the forest of Rétéa (without almost any scratch, of course), the corpse of the dragon he defeated not far from him. However, when the latter die, an explosion named Felburst devastates everything around the remains. The Arc is then saved by the song of a girl, Ryfia, with a melodious and soothing voice that calms the dragon’s glowing body and prevents it from imploding to make it disappear. The fate of the world will depend on this meeting. It turns out that L’Arc is the “Child of Eesa”, the being supposed to bring to the god of the world, Eesa, one of the two Laws which will ensure the sustainability of the universe, in order to be able to execute it. Only things will not be so simple and a single turn of the situation out of nowhere in the first hours of the game will be enough to shatter all the convictions and all the certainties of the hero / player, leaving him stunned, not knowing. then more what to think.

Download Arc Rise Fantasia Wii Dec / NKit Free Online

Game Name:Arc Rise Fantasia
Game Release:July 20, 2010
Publisher:Ignition Entertainment
Image Format:Dec / NKit


NASOS FormatArc_Rise_Fantasia_(USA).zipOnedrive4.32GB
NKit FormatArc_Rise_Fantasia_(USA).nkit.gczOnedrive3.31GB

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